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 Kid Fight!!!!!! I hate this part of being a parent.

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PostSubject: Kid Fight!!!!!! I hate this part of being a parent.   Tue May 01, 2007 9:55 am

OMG... My kid came home yesterday dirty and major red in the face (like overheated red). I started quizzing him cause I could tell something was wrong .. although he was trying hard to mask it. DH was in other room doing some small engine work on my son's pocket bike. He walked around the corner and could tell me and yougest were having a serious talk and joined in. Turns out, that son had just been in a fight! I asked him if it was words or a hitting fight. He said hitting and he got hit in the face. He said he thought he had been hit 10 times, and that the boy kicked him too. What started it was the fact that my oldest was riding other boys bike. Other boy took my youngest son's bike and my youngest son stood up to him and told him to and to give him his bike back. He demanded his bike back. (Please understand that my oldest did leave HIS bike for the other kid, so he didn't have to take my youngests son's bike). My oldest came to the rescue and told the boy to LEAVE HIM ALONE & GO HOME!

The other boy walked home. But ... before he could get home, we hopped in my car and drove over to where he was and confronted him.
He was standing there with who I believe were his sister (and her boyfriend). We told him to hurry up and get home. I drove over to his house (I already knew where he lived). As soon as he got there my dh (who was livid) told him to go inside and get his mom.

He did, and of course she defended him. Said that that wasn't how her son played. We flat out told her that her son was not to come to our house again. She said well where do you live? I was just floored that she was letting her son roam the hood and had no ideas where he was playing or who he was playing with. Ya know ... this kid is probably 7 or 8 yrs old. THIS kid followe me around the hood when I took walks about 4 yrs ago... freaky, never said a word .... just followed us. AND HE WAS TOOO LITTLE AND TOO FAR AWAY FROM HIS HOUSE !!!!! How could she just let him roam!?!? It got a little ugly, profanity and all, but we left and that seems to be that.

How does this woman know how her child plays? She didn't even know where the hell he plays at?!!!!


I hate this part of being a parent....


(thanks for letting me vent)
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Kid Fight!!!!!! I hate this part of being a parent.
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